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Big Tree Toys Co., Ltd. ("Big Tree" or "Company") is the one being developed in the fine enterprise import and export right approved by the State Economic and Trade Commission, has developed into design , production, trade as an integrated export-oriented enterprises.

Big Tree Toys Co., Ltd. ("Big Tree" or "Company")specializing in the production business selling all kinds of plastic toys series. Main products include: boy toys, pleasure toys, pre-school & educational toys, baby toys, holiday toys, sports toys in the summer, authorization, toys, girls toys, etc., up to more than 80 million lines, the variety is complete, fashionable . Most of the product quality to achieve " CE, ASTM, HR4040, ROHS, REACH, ISO8124, 3C, NM300, ANATEL, FCC and other international quality certification standards".

The company has a group of outstanding professionals, can provide customers with the quality of the shopping guide services and products quality control.